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Evergreen Chapter

Welcome to the Evergreen Chapter!

As a practitioner with almost three decades of experience in the United States and internationally in the private and public sectors on a foundation of equity as a necessary component for excellence, I am honored to serve this two-year term as your president. 

As your president, I hope to be an inspirational public servant with community based research and issues which reflect public servant values. Embedding equity and social justice, ensuring financial stability and improving the value of Evergreen ASPA membership for practitioners and academics are my priorities for my term as president.  As public administrators, it is our responsibility to have a fiscally strong organization which addresses systemic inequities through transparency and open, honest dialogue.  A commitment to equity and social justice and collaborating with organizations through regional conferences and supporting members with accountability through collaborations will fortify our efforts societal responsibilities. 

Ensuring ASPA reflects the diversity necessary for excellence in all facets, age, gender, race, color, ethnicity, ability and occupation, by engaging practitioners as well as academics and students is a priority. The Evergreen Chapter is a home for practitioners, faculty, staff and students.

 - Tricia Diamond, President of the Evergreen Chapter Board of Directors


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The Evergreen Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) was created in 1983 as a resource for public administration professionals and ASPA members living in Western Washington. Today, the tradition continues as the Evergreen Chapter works with graduate students and faculty, professionals in city, county and state government, non-profits and all those who share a common interest in advancing the field of public administration.

The Evergreen Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. Additionally, up to three graduate students may be appointed by the Board President to also serve on the board.

If you have any questions for the Evergreen Chapter or for a board member, please email: evergreenaspa@gmail.com.