Evergreen Chapter of the ASPA

What we do

ASPA is the leading public service organization.


What we do:

  • Advance the art, science, teaching and practice of public and non-profit administration;
  • Promote the value of joining and elevating the public service profession;
  • Build bridges among all who pursue public purposes;
  • Provide networking and professional development opportunities to those committed to public service values;
  • Achieve innovative solutions to the challenges of governance.

Since 1939, ASPA has been the nation’s most respected society representing all forums in the public service arena. ASPA advocates for greater effectiveness in government — agents of goodwill and professionalism — publishers of democratic journalism at its very best — purveyors of progressive theory and practice and providers of global citizenship. ASPA believes that by embracing new ideas — addressing key public service issues — and promoting change at both the local and international levels, we can enhance the quality of lives worldwide.