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Seattle City Club: Civic Bootcamp: Civil RIghts

From the Seattle City Club Website:

Discover How Civil Rights History Has Shaped the Present

Learn about and explore the legacy of the civil rights movement in the Central District. Learn how that legacy continues to this day with issues like gentrification. Gain the knowledge and tools needed to take action in the community and protect the future of civil rights.


  • $250 - Single ticket (includes light breakfast and afternoon snacks and full lunch)

  • To encourage connections across political, cultural and economic boundaries, Seattle CityClub provides scholarships for up to 20% of the participants in each Civic Boot Camp session. Apply today!

  • For group pricing contact Program Coordinator Jeff Carter at jcarter@seattlecityclub.org or 206.682.7395 x 106.

What You'll Do

  • Listen to presentations about Seattle's Black Panther movement during the civil rights era.

  • Walking tour highlighting historic landmarks such at Mt Zion Baptist Church, local services and current projects, like the Liberty Bank Property and Midtown Center Development.

  • Participate in discussions with local leaders about current civil rights issues in the Central District and Seattle.

  • Attend workshops amd group discussions on current civil rights advocacy and activism and how to get involved.

You'll Hear From

  • Elmer Dixon, Founder of the Black Panther party of Seattle

  • Colleen Echohawk, Executive Director, Chief Seattle Club

  • Rev. Dr. Phyllis Beaumonte, Mt Zion Baptist Church

  • Marquita Prinzing, Center for Racial Equity, Seattle Education Association

  • Andrea Caupain, Executive Director, Byrd Barr Place

  • Walter Zisette, Capitol Hill Housing

  • Marquita Prinzing, Center for Racial Equity, Seattle Education Association

  • Devin Cabanilla, Board Secretary, Filipino American National Historical Society (Seattle Chapter)

  • Donte Felder, Teacher, Orcas K-8

  • Sharon Williams, Executive Director, Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas

About Civic Boot Camp

Civic Boot Camp is an immersive, full-day program designed to give participants the tools to take action in the community. You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with local leaders

  • Network with professionals from all sectors

  • Learn about our region's history

  • Learn about local solutions

  • Take action towards increasing the civic health of the region